16AX/20A 250V 3 Gang 1 Way Full-Flat Switch with Ondicator


A new definition of luxury and simple life style comes up a new phase “IN-standing”. “Blending in is the way to stand out” is the key message of Clipsal wants to convey for her new product ZENcelo. Simple and stylish aesthetic design is applied on the imagery treatment that helps make the product stand out.

Aesthetically pleasing flat switches are in fact available, but only exclusive to luxurious electric switches and lighting automation systems. The ZENcelo Full-Flat switch has been created for the majority who use electro-mechanical switches. Even on switches you never imagined can be Full-Flat

Cat. No. Description Image
E8431/1 16AX/20A 1 Gang 1 Way Full‐Flat Switch with Ondicator
E8431/2 16AX/20A 1 Gang 2 Way Full‐Flat Switch
E8432/1 16AX/20A 2 Gang 1 Way Full‐Flat Switch with Ondicator
E8433/1 16AX/20A 3 Gang 1 Way Full‐Flat Switch with Ondicator
E8434/1 16AX/20A 4 Gang 1 Way Full‐Flat Switch with Ondicator
E8431D20 20A 1Gang Full‐Flat Double Pole Switch with Neon
E8431BP1 Full‐Flat Bell Switch
E8430‐400F Fan Speed Controller
E8430X91312SFR 5 Speed Fan Controller
E8430‐500 Light Dimmer
E8415/5 5 Amp 3 Round Pin Switch Socket
E8415U 10 Amp 2 Pin Switch Universal Socket
E8415 13 Amp Switch Socket
E84T25 13 Amp Duplex Switch Socket
E8415/15 15 Amp 3 Round Pin Switch Socket
E84426/16S 16 Amp Schuko Socket
E84426/16IS 16 Amp International Socket
E8431RJS4 1 Gang Telephone Outlet
E8432RJS4 2 Gang Telephone Outlet
E8431TVS 1 Gang TV Outlet
E8432TVS 2 Gang TV Outlet
E8431RJK 1 Gang Shuttered Plate
E8432RJK 2 Gang Shuttered Plate
E84MAPHUS MAP Panel Base Unit with HDMI/USB (Solid Wall)
E8431BPDM 1 Gang Full‐Flat Bell Switch with Illuminated “DND” & “PCU” Symbols
E8432DMS 2 Gang Full‐Flat Switch with Illuminated “DND” & “PCU” Symbols
E8431EKT Electronic Key Card Time Delay Switch
E84T727V Universal Shaver Socket 115/240V
E8430X 1 Gang Blank Plate