Reflectiv Window Films From France

Reflectiv Window Films

Reflectiv, a pioneer in adhesive solutions, brings innovation to the world of window films. Explore the diverse ranges of Reflectiv’s products that not only provide aesthetic appeal but also offer practical solutions for various needs.

1. Building Range: Protecting Your Space

1.1 UV Protection

Shield exhibits from fading in showcases, museums, or galleries with our UV protection films.

1.2 Solar Protection

Heat-resistant films maintain a cool ambiance, offering an alternative to air conditioning and reducing energy consumption.

1.3 Security

Strengthen glass, prevent shattering, and maintain transparency with Reflectiv’s safety and security films.

1.4 Mirror

Explore opaque mirrors, safety mirrors, and one-way mirrors for unique and functional applications.

2. Decoration Range: Express Your Style

2.1 Degressive Films

Hide specific areas while adding a decorative touch with degressive films.

2.2 Full Frosted Films

Partially or completely obscure views with frosted full films, preserving privacy and allowing light passage.

2.3 Design

Choose from over 100 patterns, including geometric, nature-inspired, and openwork designs for your projects.

2.4 Opaques

Block views and light completely with perfectly opaque films, transforming the room’s ambiance.

2.5 Colors

Revamp your windows with 16 shades and dichroic films, providing a quick makeover with transparency and brightness.

2.6 Statics

Repositionable and reusable static films offer easy installation with vitrostatic technology.

2.7 Frieze and Stripes

Decorative friezes and ribbed films provide modern finishes and unique privacy options.

3. Graphic Range: Communicate Creatively

3.1 Printable Films

Address your graphic communication needs with Reflectiv’s printable window films.

3.2 Whiteboard

Transform surfaces into whiteboards with magnetic and erasable films from our boards range.

3.3 Lettering

Ideal for shop windows, glossy, brushed, or metallic films cater to your lettering needs.

3.4 Opaque Color Film

Cuttable opaque color films in glossy or matte options are perfect for floor markings and signs.

3.5 Signages for Goods Vehicles

Communicate effectively on commercial vehicles with Reflectiv’s printable reflective and magnetic films.

3.6 Lamination

4. Home Staging Range: Transforming Interiors

4.1 Natural Stones

Self-adhesive or flexible stones add a touch of sophistication to your interior coatings.

4.2 Covering

Thermoformable adhesive films renovate and transform surfaces, walls, and furniture.

4.3 Translucent Stones

Natural stone surfaces with polyester resin allow light passage, providing a translucent tint.

5. Automotive Range: Style and Privacy on the Road

5.1 Tinted Films

Protect your privacy with Reflectiv’s tinted automobile films, available in various shades.

5.2 Photochromics

Auto-tinting films respond to UV exposure, adapting to changing light conditions.

5.3 Body Protection

BDS automotive films shield your vehicle from scratches and projectiles.

5.4 Wrapping Automobile

6. Smart Range: Innovative Glazing Solutions

Transform ordinary glazing with advanced technology films like HPC 100 Confidential, CLEAN 100 Antimicrobial, SCR 360 Rear Projection, ARF 100 Anti-reflective, and ELC 200 Electric Films.

7. Gamme Dinov: Tools for Easy Installation

Innovative tools like DINOV Stick, DINOV Glass, DINOV Glue, and DINOV Graff simplify daily installations.

Reflectiv: A Legacy of Innovation

Reflectiv, a European leader in adhesive films, has been catering to diverse needs for over 40 years. From decorative to technical films, the company continues to set industry standards.

The Reflectiv Journey

A timeline showcasing Reflectiv’s milestones, from its inception in 1981 to becoming a global leader in adhesive solutions.

Why Reflectiv

Discover the durability and logistics that set Reflectiv apart, providing high-tech products meeting strict quality standards and efficient global delivery.