Eelectron KNX HOTEL Automation

Since 1996 In the hotel market, Eelectron is providing different smart solutions for the hospitality industry following evolving standards and changing needs from hotel operators and managers.

With more than 28.000 rooms installed in 72 countries worldwide we are recognized as one of the leader in the KNX hotel market, assuring considerable energy savings through an intelligent management of lighting, heating and cooling systems.
Our solutions are delivering fast returns on investments and flawless project execution.

We deploy a wide spectrum of dedicated solutions with a focused eye on contemporary designcustomization techniques and material research.



Energy efficiency is always granted: the presence of someone in the room determines lighting intensity and the ideal heating and cooling set-points. If guest room is unoccupied, different scenarios are engaged (eco, off…) both in lighting & HVAC, differentiating single room status or entire floor managements.
System can differentiate between guests and staff and activate appropriate different lighting scenes as well as enable temperature settings.

Thanks to KNX standard we can combine comfort and savings, with long term investment protection, freedom of service provision and constant technology evolution.


Guest satisfaction & their experience are maximized through usability, comfort & design.

Guests are greeted with comfortable lighting & temperature settings and enjoy intuitive simple room controls to manage exactly the ambience they want.

Modern style, exclusive design and smart technology of our solutions give hotels an exclusive elegant and modern atmosphere.