Valesa Touch Panel – KNX – Lighting Control Karachi


Using state-of-the-art technologies, Valesa Touch Panel enables you to manage your living environment- lighting, climate, cameras, security, intercoms, blinds and more…

Discover Valesa Touch Panel

  • Stay Safe 24/7
  • Better Safe Than Sorry…
  • Power of Communication
  • Site Management Information
  • Luxury
  • Remote Control
  • Climate Control
  • Control the Lights
  • Guide the Daylight
  • Be the Director of your House


Stay Safe 24/7…Valesa panel takes an innovative approach to protect your safety. Even if you’re not at home if an alarm occurs, Valesa notifies site/residence security personel for an immediate invervention keeping your home safe.

Valesa includes a burglar alarm armed in stay or away mode. With intelligent network structure and SIP technology, you can communicate with site security or between apartments quickly and easily.

You can monitor all cameras in your living environment with Valesa, and contact site security personnel if necessary.



Better Safe Than Sorry…Whether you are abroad or at home, Valesa will protect you against fire, flood, gas leakage, or burglars by providing an alarm.

Alarms can be defined in software using dry contacts provided on the valve panel. You can find detailed alarm notifications through Valesa or on your mobile devices.

No need to worry if you forgot to arm the burglar alarm before you leave! Just grap your smart phone and set the alarm via Valesa Mobile.

With Valesa mobile application, you can go one step further and cut off electricity, water and gas systems remotely if necessary.



Discover the Power of Valesa in Communication…You can use your Valesa touch panel to communicate with outdoor intercom units and open apartment doors.

Valesa touch panel also allows you to make calls within the apartment units, security, site management and reception.

Furthermore, you have all the power of Valesa Touch Panel in your pocket: Valesa Mobile phone application.



Live in Luxury…In addition to in-house control, Valesa enables you to use the services provided by the site management.

Calling a taxi, dry-cleaning, restaurant reservation, valet service, technical service and many more….



Be in touch with Site Management…You can easily manage announcements, events, suggestions, complaint notices and follow-ups in your site or residence with a single touch.

Also, bills and service charges can be sent to you by your site/residence management through Valesa.



Be Ahead of Time…Before leaving your house, you can check the weather forecast and finance market on Valesa. 

The Valesa Touch Panel will look after you even if you are outside by alerting you to take your umbrella if the chance of rain is high .



Catch up With Mobile Age…Manage lighting, climate, blinds, alarms, intercom, with your mobile devices. 

You can do anything you do with touch panel using your smartphone. Highest level of data security technologies are used in Valesa Mobile Application.



Be the Director of Your House…You can define and save custom scenarios in your system and activate these scenarios anytime after with a single touch. Comfort and energy savings will be an unbidden plus after configuring your scenarios.



Be the One Who Plays With Light…You can turn on/off, dim your lighting fixtures or create light groups within the intelligent home automation system via the Valesa Touch Panel… With Valesa you can create different light atmospheres anywhere in your house.

When you are away, instead of worrying whether you have left any lights on, you can simply log in to Valesa Mobile application, check the status of lights and control any light in your house.



Guide the Daylight…Enjoying the comfort of controlling the curtain-blind system in your house with Valesa? You can bring your curtains to a desired position with a single touch.

Let your home shine by the sun using Valesa! 

Want to watch a movie? Grab your smartphone or tablet, lower down your curtains and dim your lights! Time to enjoy the movie!



Create Your Own Comfort…You can control all types of air conditioners, floor heating units, radiators, combi boilers and fan-coils in your living area and decide on the working hours from Valesa. You can also switch on/off HVAC system from Valesa Mobile on the way home.


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