Philips GreenSpace Power Gen2

Philips GreenSpace Power Gen2

GreenSpace Power Gen2 is the successor of Gen1 with extremely high efficacy(up to 110lm/W) delivering substantial energy saving. It offers high lumen output up to 4,500lm with 8” and 10” dimension.

Gen2 keeps the same form factor as Gen1, which could apply to shopping mall, retail store and public area of mounting height greater than 4m. The lifetime is 50,000 hours (L70 @ 25C)


  • Energy saving : Outstanding system efficacy, up to 110lm/W
  • Easy: Integral lightweight design, saving installation cost
  • Flexible: Different dimensions and powers to choose from


  • System efficiency of up to 110lm/W
  • CRI 80, SDCM 4
  • High reliability, 50k hours (L70@25deg)


  • Exhibition center
  • Public area
  • Shopping mall, retail store


  GreenSpace Power Gen2
Type DN284/285
System lumen output 3500lm, 4500lm
Voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 34W / 41W
Efficacy 102lm/W ~ 110lm/W
Power factor 0.95
LED driver Fixed output
CRI 80
Color temperature 3000K / 4000K
Reflector White
  Materials and finishing Optics: MCPET high reflectance film, ,PMMA diffuser with high haze and light transmission Reflector: High purity aluminum, high reflectance coating Driver box: PC plastics Clips: Piano wire spring clip, PC plastic clip
Lifetime 50,000 hours (70% lumen maintenance @ Ta = 25°C)
Working Temperature Range – 20°C < Ta < 40°C
Cut-out 200~205mm (8 “)/ 250~255mm (10 ”)
Dimensions (Dia x H) DN284B-8/DN285B-8 : Ø234 x 117mm DN284B-10/DN285B-10 : Ø294 x 163mm
Weight DN284B-8/DN285B-8 0.5KG; DN284B-10/DN285B-10 0.7KG
IP rating IP20
Certifications CB, EMC, CE

Ordering information

12NC Product Description
911401841399 DN285B-10 1xDLED-3000 PSU WH
911401841499 DN284B-8 1xDLED-3000 PSU WH
911401841599 DN285B-10 1xDLED-4000 PSU WH
911401841699 DN285B-8 1xDLED-4000 PSU WH
911401841799 DN285B-8 1xDLED-3000 PSU WH
911401841899 DN284B-10 1xDLED-3000 PSU WH
911401841999 DN284B-10 1xDLED-4000 PSU WH
911401842099 DN284B-8 1xDLED-4000 PSU WH

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