Philip Road & Street Light GV Exceed MP – BRP371/372/373

The call for innovative sustainable development is driving an increase in LED road installations in city environments. At the same time, customers are concerned that the total cost of the solution should remain within budget.BRP371/372/373 is a simple, economical and reliable LED road-lighting solution that delivers substantial energy savings compared with conventional fixtures. Its neutral white light ensures visual comfort for all road users. Lifetime reliability is assured, with excellent thermal management helping to prevent early LED failure. Installation is easy, and maintenance of the driver box can be carried out without the use of tools on the pole. BRP371/372/373 also offers wireless point-to-point luminaire control

Original Philips Led Street Light Brp371/372/373 Series 55w/75w ...
Philips Street Light

Benefits • Optimized energy saving – 50% saving compared with SON • Easy to install and maintain; driver box – tool-free maintenance on the pole • Wireless point-to-point luminaire control

Features • Excellent thermal management • Tool-free maintenance • Neutral white light (4000 K) • Dedicated lens for different road configurations • Lightweight housing design

Application • Expressways, highways • Major roads, secondary roads • Industrial roads, residential roads

12 NC Product Description
911401675204 BRP371 LED71/WW 55W 220-240V DM MP1
911401675404 BRP371 LED91/WW 70W 220-240V DM MP1
911401675804 BRP371 LED117/WW 90W 220-240V DM MP1
911401675604 BRP371 LED143/WW 110W 220-240V DM MP1
911401688304 BRP372 LED163/WW 125W 220-240V DM MP1
911401675504 BRP372 LED182/WW 140W 220-240V DM MP1
911401676004 BRP372 LED197/WW 150W 220-240V DM MP1
911401675704 BRP373 LED234/WW 180W 220-240V DM MP1
911401675304 BRP373 LED260/WW 200W 220-240V DM MP1
911401676604 BRP373 LED280/WW 215W 220-240V DM MP1
911401676204 BRP373 LED300/WW 230W 220-240V DM MP1
911401676104 BRP373 LED326/WW 250W 220-240V DM MP1
911401675904 BRP373 LED345/WW 265W 220-240V DM MP1
911401676304 BRP373 LED365/WW 280W 220-240V DM MP1
911401676504 BRP373 LED394/WW 300W 220-240V DM MP1
911401676404 BRP371 LED48/NW 37W 220-240V DM MP1
911401677004 BRP371 LED71/NW 55W 220-240V DM MP1
911401677404 BRP371 LED91/NW 70W 220-240V DM MP1
911401677104 BRP371 LED117/NW 90W 220-240V DM MP1
911401676704 BRP371 LED143/NW 110W 220-240V DM MP1
911401676904 BRP372 LED163/NW 125W 220-240V DM MP1
911401677304 BRP372 LED182/NW 140W 220-240V DM MP1
911401676804 BRP372 LED197/NW 150W 220-240V DM MP1
911401677504 BRP373 LED234/NW 180W 220-240V DM MP1
911401678104 BRP373 LED260/NW 200W 220-240V DM MP1
911401677704 BRP373 LED280/NW 215W 220-240V DM MP1
911401677904 BRP373 LED300/NW 230W 220-240V DM MP1
911401677604 BRP373 LED326/NW 250W 220-240V DM MP1
911401678204 BRP373 LED345/NW 265W 220-240V DM MP1
911401677204 BRP373 LED365/NW 280W 220-240V DM MP1
911401678404 BRP373 LED394/NW 300W 220-240V DM MP1