Philips Road & Street Light Road Grace – BRP711/712

We now light up roads differently. It’s no longer just about functionality as it is also about how road lighting can effortlessly complement new areas, and seamlessly retrofit into existing areas. With the RoadGrace LED luminaire, you can upgrade to an energy efficiency solution, and amazing flexibility with its five optic options, optimized for multiple road and street applications, such as freeways, intersections and crosswalks.

BRP711 LED67/NW 56W DWP3 - RoadGrace | PHILIPS
12 NC Product Description
911401635405 BRP712 LED 120/NW 90W DM 42-60*
911401635105 BRP712 LED 145/NW 107W DM 42-60*
911401635505 BRP712 LED 167/NW 124W DM 42-60*
911401635605 BRP712 LED 190/NW 140W DM 42-60*
911401635305 BRP712 LED 190/NW 140W PSU II DM 42-60*
911401810898 BRP711 LED67/NW 56W DWP3
911401810998 BRP711 LED88/NW 73W DWP3