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3M Flexible Substrates

1Panagraphic II (54″,65″,80″ /60m)Premium substrate
2Panagraphic III (54”,80″,88″,8.5′,10.5’/50m)Intermediate
3PANA IV (40”,52”,10.5′) (Special Price)Intermediate
4Envision FS-1 (4.2m X 50m)Fluorescent Lighting Apllication

3M Translucent Series

53630 Series (48″ x 50yds)Scotchcal 3630 premium translucent series
63630-H-5028 (48″ x 50yds)Attock Petroleum custom color
7IJ 3630-20 (48″ x 50yds)Printable backlit vinyl
8VT 107 SERIES (48″ x 50yds)SCB custom color
9VT 4268 (48” x 50yds)SCB custom color
10VT 10760 (48″ x 50yds)DHL custom color
11VT 1986 (48″ x 50yds)PSO custom color
122330 SERIES (48″ x 50m)(Special Price)intermediate translucent series

3M Blockout Series

133635-20B (48″ x 50yds)White blockout
143635-22B (48″ x 50yds)Black blockout

3M Self Adhesive printable vinyls

15IJ 180-10 (54″ x 50yds)Fleet graphics/long term application
16IJ180mC-114 CLEAR 54” X 50m (New)Premium Clear Adhesive Film/Long Term
17IJ 40 SERIES (54″ x 50m)Intermediate Vinyl
1848C-20 PRINT FILM SF 54” X 50m (New)Envision Print Film
19IJ 37-10 (54″ x 50m)Intermediate Vinyl
20IJ 35-10 (54″ x 50yds)Intermediate Vinyl

3M Overlaminate – Grpahic Protection

213640-114 (48″ x 50yds)Anti Fuel/graffiti lamination
228519 CP (54″ x 50yds)Long term lamination – Gloss/luster
238520 Matt Lamination (54″ x 50yds)Long term lamination – Matte
243645 (54″ x 50yds)Floor Graphics Laminate

3M One way vision film

25IJ 8171 (54″ x 25yds)Premium OWVF
26IJ 1229 (54″ x 50m)Intermediate OWVF

3M Specialty Films

27IJ 8624 texture wall (54″ x 50yds)Textured wall vinyl
28IJ 680-10 White Reflector (48”x 50yds)Printable Reflective vinyl
293635-100 (48″ x 50yds)Light enhancment film

3M Frosted Films

307725 -323/324/326/327/331 (48″ x 50yds)Crystal films (blue,brown,pink,green,white)
317725-314 (48″ x 50yds)Dusted frosted film

3M Accessories

323M Application Tape SCPM (48″ x 100yds)Application tape
33Vutek Inks 1500 Series (3.25LTR)Solvent inks
34CGS 15 (3.78LTR)Flushing solution
353M Applicator (Squzee)For Pasting solution
36Edge sealerSealing Glue

3M Tapes

37Dual Lock ClearIndustrial Tape
38VHB GPH-110GF 19mm x 33m,14 in a caseIndustrial Tape
39VHB 4910 19mm x 33m, 4 in a caseIndustrial Tape
404008 (3/4 X 7YDS )Foam Tape
414016 YAB PN6453 1/2 X 36YDSFoam Tape
42MP3526N/27N BLACK 1 X 5YDHook/Loop
439088 HPDC PET kraft 19mm x 50mDouble Coated Tape
449737 Clear, 24 mm x 55 m, 48/caseDouble Coated Tape

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