Safety & Security Film Armorcoat 8 Mil Clear – USA

Architectural - Armorcoat Clear Safety Window Film | Solar Gard

Performance results4mm Single4mm Double
Solar energy  
% Transmittance7360
% Absorptance1625
% Reflectance1115
Visible light  
% Transmittance8476
% Reflectance exterior1319
% Reflectance interior1219
Winter U-Factor (W/m²°C)5.962.74
Shading coefficient0.900.81
Solar heat gain coefficient0.780.70
Solar selectivity index – luminous efficacy (VLT/SC)0.940.94
Light to solar heat gain factor (VLT/SHGC)1.081.09
% Ultraviolet light blocked (@ 300 to 380 nm)>99>99
% Total solar energy rejected2230
% Summer solar heat gain reduction85
% Glare reduction66
Physical properties nominal
Gauge                                                                              200 micron
Peel strength                                                                       985 g/cm
Tensile strength                                                              2,110 kg/cm2
Break strength                                                                     43 kg/cm
ASTM D4830 puncture test                                                       64 kg

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