How to choose a Linear Light for the commercial project Part – 1

The Perfect Commercial Led Linear Light

The linear light is not a simple product it is a light with a lot of customization involved it means that it as an art with lot of expertise required to make it. Now I will tell you what facts you should consider while choosing customized linear light.

Local Assembling or a Manufacturing unit: This is the first thing you should think before finalizing a light. This is not about unpacking a light, connecting power & attaching hanging kits! its about choosing a right company or a manufacturer which must be in your reach so you will be able to see the actual manufacturing process and the premises where your product will be manufactured. Think what if you are in US & you ordered your light from china & the light is made bigger or smaller than your required size; will send the light back to China? will you have that much time? & what is the guarantee that you are going to have a right light again. A local assembly unit or manufacturer near you is very important.

After Sales & Inventory: The light is comprised of several components i.e PCB (where the leds are placed, the drivers (which starts the light & convert 220 volts to 24v or 12v), Aluminum Profile, the pasting glue or a thermal double sided tape, reflectors, diffusers, jointers, cables, end caps & the hanging kits. So you have to keep this thing in your mind whether your supplier will give you proper assistance in case of multi components failure. And what is the lead time if you are facing a component relating issue.

Electrical Consultancy : If you are working on a large scale project and you need a perfect product so you should consult a right Electrical Consultant. It will serve you three basic purposes; one the consultant will verify the specifications & light output, secondly they will validate the status of the manufacturer incase of new or an experienced lighting company. Two Electrical Consultant plays a vital roll in choosing and suggesting a right product, at the time of installations & after project completion. Three what to install & how install.

Product Specifications: There are products which needs to be specified and get approval by the consultants. For example a company is selling a linear light at an standard length of 1.2 meters which is taking 40watts and generating output of 3600 lumens with .9 power factor. These are the specifications which are provided the manufacturer but who is going to verify whether the specifications are correct is electrical consultant. Now its time to measure the flexibility or range of customization as the standard size is 1.2 meter which is very close to 4 feet but but you need light in multiple lengths like 5 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet, 12 feet or even 15 to 50 feets. Now four major components play a vital roll in deciding whether the light is customizable enough or not. One is the “PCB” (on which the lighting chips are placed) cuttable or can be joint at multiple lengths & what is the process of joining the PCB? the answer is that the PCB can be cut at shorter length of every 100mm and the total length of a single PCB is 1200mm. It means that the PCB is customizable. Two is the “Driver” of the PCB supports upto how much length? in our case the PCB is supporting 1200mm at maximum wattage of 40w what if the the length is 600mm or 2400mm? so we have to use a driver of 20w for 600mm and 80w driver for 2400mm. Three is the “Difuser”. The difuser is used to difuse the glare of the light produced by the led chips so you have to look whether diffuser diffusing the glare & producing enough light (make sure that leds are not visible) if leds are still visible it means the diffuser is not performing enough to bypass smooth lighting. The maximum length of the diffuser is another important factor for example you need the maximum size of 16 feet but the manufacturer is providing the maximum length of 8 feet so it is obvious that two lengths of 8 feet diffuser will be used to make a sixteen feet light. A sharp line can seen between the two difusers but this thing is normal. Four the “Aluminum Profile”; this is the most important part on which a light & all components based.

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