Philips SmartBright Bulkhead WL008C IP65 Prices

911401719172WL008C LED10/NW round W5,290
911401719212WL008C LED10/NW round W5,830
911401719162WL008C LED10/NW oval W6,360
911401719202WL008C LED10/NW oval W6,360
911401719132WL008C LED10/NW round BK5,830
911401719122WL008C LED10/NW oval BK5,830
911401719192WL008C LED10/NW round-Sensor W9,040
911401719232WL008C LED10/NW round-Sensor W9,040
911401719182WL008C LED10/NW oval-Sensor W9,040
911401719222WL008C LED10/NW oval-Sensor W9,040
911401719152WL008C LED10/NW round-Sensor BK10,110
911401719142WL008C LED10/NW oval-Sensor BK10,110
911401719112WL008C LED10/NW round-Sensor10,110
911401719102WL008C LED10/NW oval-Sensor10,110

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