Philips Essential SmartBright T5 Integrated Batten BN058C Led Light List Price

Essential SmartBright T5 Integrated Batten bn058C
911401591301ZCH086 CCPA440
911401591201ZCH086 C-2400
911401709542BN058C LED11/CW L1200 GM2,760
911401709532BN058C LED11/NW L1200 GM2,760
911401709522BN058C LED11/WW L1200 GM2,760
911401709572BN058C LED9/CW L900 GM2,720
911401709562BN058C LED9/NW L900 GM2,720
911401709552BN058C LED9/WW L900 GM2,720
911401709592BN058C LED5/NW L600 GM2,630
911401709582BN058C LED5/WW L600 GM2,630

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