Philips Led Flood Light BVP150 Prices Karachi – Lahore

Philips BVP 150 Flood Lights
Philips BVP 150 Flood Lights

WW is Warm White, NW is Neutral White & CW is Cool White

911401732322BVP150 LED8/WW 220-240V 10W SWB CE1,860
911401732332BVP150 LED8/NW 220-240V 10W SWB CE1,860
911401732342BVP150 LED8/CW 220-240V 10W SWB CE1,860
911401732352BVP150 LED17/WW 220-240V 20W SWB CE3,160
911401732362BVP150 LED17/NW 220-240V 20W SWB CE3,160
911401732372BVP150 LED17/CW 220-240V 20W SWB CE3,160
911401732382BVP150 LED25/WW 220-240V 30W SWB CE4,200
911401732392BVP150 LED25/NW 220-240V 30W SWB CE4,200
911401732402BVP150 LED25/CW 220-240V 30W SWB CE4,200
911401732412BVP150 LED42/WW 220-240V 50W SWB CE7,620
911401732422BVP150 LED42/NW 220-240V 50W SWB CE7,620
911401732432BVP150 LED42/CW 220-240V 50W SWB CE7,620
911401732442BVP150 LED59/WW 220-240V 70W SWB CE9,950
911401732452BVP150 LED59/NW 220-240V 70W SWB CE9,950
911401732462BVP150 LED59/CW 220-240V 70W SWB CE9,950
911401732472BVP150 LED85/WW 220-240V 100W SWB CE16,290
911401732482BVP150 LED85/NW 220-240V 100W SWB CE16,290
911401732492BVP150 LED85/CW 220-240V 100W SWB CE16,290
911401815080BVP151 LED30/WW 220-240V 30W AWB CE6,530
911401815180BVP151 LED30/NW 220-240V 30W AWB CE6,530
911401815280BVP151 LED30/CW 220-240V 30W AWB CE6,530
911401815380BVP151 LED50/WW 220-240V 50W AWB CE9,250
911401815480BVP151 LED50/NW 220-240V 50W AWB CE9,250
911401815580BVP151 LED50/CW 220-240V 50W AWB CE9,250
911401815680BVP151 LED70/WW 220-240V 70W AWB CE13,550
911401815780BVP151 LED70/NW 220-240V 70W AWB CE13,550
911401815880BVP151 LED70/CW 220-240V 70W AWB CE13,550
911401815980BVP151 LED100 WW PSU 100W AWB CE17,830
911401816080BVP151 LED100 NW PSU 100W AWB CE17,830
911401816180BVP151 LED100 CW PSU 100W AWB CE17,830
911401816280BVP151 LED150 WW PSU 150W AWB CE24,220
911401816380BVP151 LED150 NW PSU 150W AWB CE24,220
911401816480BVP151 LED150 CW PSU 150W AWB CE24,220
911401816580BVP151 LED200 WW PSU 200W AWB CE30,830
911401816680BVP151 LED200 NW PSU 200W AWB CE30,830
911401816780BVP151 LED200 CW PSU 200W AWB CE30,830

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