Philips Led Flood Light BVP176 Prices Karachi – Lahore

BVP176 Flood Light

WW is Warm White, NW is Neutral White & CW is Cool White

911401629204BVP176 LED190/NW 200W WB GREY CE46,550
911401629604BVP176 LED190/CW 200W WB GREY CE46,550
911401629704BVP176 LED190/WW 200W WB GREY CE46,550
911401689404BVP174 LED95/WW 100W WB GREY CE26,390
911401689704BVP174 LED95/CW 100W WB GREY CE26,390
911401690204BVP174 LED95/NW 100W WB GREY CE26,390
911401694904BVP175 LED142/WW 150W WB GREY CE36,680
911401695004BVP175 LED142/NW 150W WB GREY CE36,680
911401695104BVP175 LED142/CW 150W WB GREY CE36,680

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