Philips WT069C IP65 Bare TLED Waterproof Prices

911401806581WT069C DE 1XTLED Bare L1200 GM6,180
911401806781WT069C DE 1XTLED Bare L600 GM5,000
911401806681WT069C DE 2XTLED Bare L1200 GM7,040
911401806881WT069C DE 2XTLED Bare L600 GM5,240
911401806981WT069C SE 1XTLED Bare L1200 GM6,180
911401807181WT069C SE 1XTLED Bare L600 GM5,000
911401807081WT069C SE 2XTLED Bare L1200 GM5,040
911401807281WT069C SE 2XTLED Bare L600 GM3,220

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