Philips SmartBright Waterproof G3 WT068 IP65 Prices

911401881380WT068C CW LED18 L600 PSU6,010
911401881680WT068C NW LED18 L600 PSU6,010
911401882280WT068C NW LED18 L600 PSU TW16,020
911401881980WT068C CW LED18 L600 PSU TW17,020
911401881480WT068C CW LED36 L1200 PSU8,260
911401881780WT068C NW LED36 L1200 PSU8,260
911401882380WT068C NW LED36 L1200 PSU TW19,350
911401882080WT068C CW LED36 L1200 PSU TW19,350
911401881580WT068C CW LED56 L1500 PSU11,250
911401881880WT068C NW LED56 L1500 PSU11,250
911401882480WT068C NW LED56 L1500 PSU TW112,450
911401882180WT068C CW LED56 L1500 PSU TW112,450

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