Philips Essential SmartBrigh LED Spot BGP150 Planter Light List Prices

BGP150 Planter Light Philips
911401755752BGP150 LED G 8W 45D GM7,260
911401755682BGP150 LED250/NW 3W 20D GM4,260
911401755742BGP150 LED250/NW 3W 45D GM4,260
911401755672BGP150 LED250/WW 3W 20D GM4,260
911401755732BGP150 LED250/WW 3W 45D GM4,260
911401755662BGP150 LED400/NW 6W 20D GM5,120
911401755722BGP150 LED400/NW 6W 45D GM5,120
911401755652BGP150 LED400/WW 6W 20D GM5,120
911401755712BGP150 LED400/WW 6W 45D GM5,120
911401755642BGP150 LED520/NW 8W 20D GM7,400
911401755702BGP150 LED520/NW 8W 45D GM7,400
911401755632BGP150 LED520/WW 8W 20D GM7,400
911401755692BGP150 LED520/WW 8W 45D GM7,400

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