Philips Luxline Led Batten BN006C G2 List Price

Luxline Batten BN006C G2

911401722282BN006C LED16 CW L600 G2 GM5,080
911401722292BN006C LED16 NW L600 G2 GM5,080
911401722302BN006C LED16 WW L600 G2 GM5,080
911401722252BN006C LED16 CW L1200 G2 GM6,040
911401722262BN006C LED16 NW L1200 G2 GM6,040
911401722272BN006C LED16 WW L1200 G2 GM6,040
911401722222BN006C LED32 WW L1200 G2 GM6,300
911401722232BN006C LED32 NW L1200 G2 GM6,300
911401722242BN006C LED32 CW L1200 G2 GM6,300

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