3M Grey Double-sided Adhesive Tape 30x40mm – Pakistan

3M Double Sided Tape 30mm x 40mm

3M double-sided tape is widely used in computers, mobile phones, communications, home appliances, audio-visual equipment, automobiles, outdoor sports cameras and other products, according to the application of products and the needs of the environment, can refer to the following.

1, non-woven double-sided adhesive viscosity and good processing performance, generally long-term use temperature of 70-80 degrees, short-term temperature of 100-120 degrees, thickness of 0.08-1.5MM, suitable for aluminum, plastic parts, automobiles, electrical appliances , Mobile phones, sponges, rubber, labels, paper products, toys and other industries, household appliances and electronic equipment parts assembly. Display lens.

2, no substrate double-sided adhesive has excellent adhesion, to prevent loss and excellent waterproof performance, good processability, good temperature resistance, short-term high temperature 204-230 degrees, the general long-term use temperature of 120-145 degrees, Adhesive agent thickness is 0.05-0.13MM, suitable for aluminum alloy panels, panels and decoration.

3, PET substrate double-sided adhesive, good temperature resistance, strong shear resistance, generally long-term temperature 100-125 degrees, short-term temperature 150-200 degrees, the thickness is generally 0.048-0.2MM, apply to the nameplate.

4, foamed substrate double-sided tape with soft, good adhesion, good initial viscosity and viscosity, solvent resistance and UV resistance, the general long-term use temperature of 80-93 degrees, short-term use temperature of 130-150 degrees, 0.4 -1.0MM adhesive thickness is suitable for air conditioning, office furniture and other communication products, can be used as a substitute for screws. Make the product more beau