Philips MASTER LEDtube EM/Mains T8 List Price

929001297708MAS LEDtube STD 1200mm 10.5W865 T8 I1,340
929001297608MAS LEDtube STD 1200mm 10.5W840 T8 I1,340
929001299408MAS LEDtube 1200mm HO 14W865 T81,695
929001299308MAS LEDtube 1200mm HO 14W840 T81,695
929001299208MAS LEDtube 1200mm HO 14W830 T81,695
929001299708MAS LEDtube 600mm HO 8W865 T81145
929001299608MAS LEDtube 600mm HO 8W840 T81145
929001299508MAS LEDtube 600mm HO 8W830 T81145

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2 thoughts on “Philips MASTER LEDtube EM/Mains T8 List Price”

  1. 929001299408 MAS LEDtube 1200mm HO 14W865 T8 1,695
    Need more than 100 PCS, please share quote on urgent basis

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