3M™ Safety & Security Film Safety S140


3M™ Safety Film Safety S140 was designed for usage on the interior surface of windows. The film is visco elastic and obsolescence resistant. High resistance of the film to stretch and crack extension increases the resistance of glass to pressure, push and impacts. Even distribution of the sun’s rays effectively reduces the effect of dazzle. Besides, the film greatly significantly reduces the amount of UVA rays which are the main reason of discolouration.

3M™ Safety Films provide an effective protection from injuries or damage to items caused the fragments of broken glass. In case of glass breakage the fragments are hold due to the system of the adhesive.

Features (on 6 mm clear glass)

Total solar energy reduction:       22 %

G-value:                                     0.78

Reduction of Glare:                     2 %

Reduction of UV rays:                 98 %

Structure of the film

Thickness:                                   0,350 mm / 350 µ

Colour:                                         Clear

Material of the film:                      Polyester

Adhesive:                                    Special Acrylic

Top coating:                                Scratch resistant hard coat


3M Window films are installed using water and a soap solution. Full adhesion is reached after approximately 20 days at 18°C (in dry conditions).


3M Window films may be cleaned 30 days after installation using ordinary window cleaning agents and avoiding the use of abrasive particles. Do not use rough sponges, cloths or brushes. Synthetic sponges, soft wipes or rubber squeegee cleaners are recommended. Do not clean 3M films dry.

Glass type Film Type SC VLR % VLT % Emissivity u-value g-value TSER
Single Pane
Clear No Film Safety S140 0.94 0.90 8 % 9 % 88 % 86 % 0.84 0.87 1.06 1.09 0.82 0.78 18 % 22 %
Tinted No Film Safety S140 0.69 0.71 5 % 8 % 50 % 49 % 0.84 0.87 1.06 1.09 0.60 0.62 40 % 38 %
Douple Pane
Clear No Film Safety S140 0.81 0.79 14 % 17 % 78 % 75 % 0.84 0.87 0.50 0.50 0.70 0.69 30 % 31 %
Tinted No Film Safety S140 0.55 0.58 8 % 9 % 45 % 43 % 0.84 0.87 0.50 0.50 0.48 0.50 52 % 50 %

General notes:

All 3M Safety films have been tested to EN12600 and/or EN356 as appropriate. For detailed information and relevant certification for any specific project, please contact your local 3M specialist.

All technical data is based on a combination of relevant European test methods and/or US test methods. Before using this product the customer / applicator must ensure the product is suitable to be used for the intended purpose. If there is any uncertainty, please check with your local 3M Window Film specialist. All issues regarding warranty and liability for the product and the effect of its use are governed in accordance with the provisions of the appropriate contract of sale unless local laws dictate otherwise.

  • Increases protection from flying or broken glass.
  • Deters smash and grab burglaries. o Reduces fading from UV light.
  • Helps preserve the appearance of furniture and fabrics.
  • Has an abrasion resistant surface to maintain a good appearance for longer.
  • Easy to remove without adhesive residues.

3M™ Safety & Security Film Safety S140