Philips Street Light Road Flair – BRP391 /392 /394

Designed for major and city roads, Philips RoadFlair is a new and exciting product set to brighten your streets beyond imagination. Smartly-designed to bring cities the highest savings possible with best-in-class lumen per watt, this road lighting production comes at a competitive price bound to excite. Philips RoadFlair brings energy efficiency, improves a city’s sustainability drive and delivers significant cost reduction in urban environments. The right road luminaire coupled with the right lighting application will create the best environment for your municipality, benefiting local communities and boosting tourism and businesses

BRP391 LED48/NW 40W 220-240V DM RoadFlair - Philips
12 NC Product Description
911401624005 BRP391 LED53/WW 40W 220-240V DM
911401623805 BRP391 LED65/WW 50W 220-240V DM
911401624205 BRP391 LED78/WW 60W 220-240V DM
911401623705 BRP391 LED93/WW 70W 220-240V DM
911401625205 BRP391 LED104/WW 80W 220-240V DM
911401625305 BRP392 LED117/WW 90W 220-240V DM
911401625405 BRP392 LED130/WW 100W 220-240V DM
911401624105 BRP392 LED143/WW 110W 220-240V DM
911401624305 BRP392 LED157/WW 120W 220-240V DM
911401623905 BRP392 LED170/WW 130W 220-240V DM
911401626505 BRP392 LED182/WW 140W 220-240V DM
911401626205 BRP392 LED195/WW 150W 220-240V DM
911401621405 BRP393 LED208/WW 160W 220-240V DM
911401621005 BRP393 LED221/WW 170W 220-240V DM GM
911401620505 BRP393 LED234/WW 180W 220-240V DM GM
911401620805 BRP393 LED247/WW 190W 220-240V DM GM
911401620705 BRP393 LED260/WW 200W 220-240V DM GM
911401620305 BRP393 LED273/WW 210W 220-240V DM GM
911401620205 BRP393 LED286/WW 220W 220-240V DM GM
911401620405 BRP393 LED299/WW 230W 220-240V DM GM
911401620605 BRP394 LED312/WW 240W 220-240V DM
911401621205 BRP394 LED325/WW 250W 220-240V DM
911401621805 BRP394 LED338/WW 260W 220-240V DM
911401620905 BRP394 LED351/WW 270W 220-240V DM
911401622205 BRP394 LED364/WW 280W 220-240V DM
911401621605 BRP394 LED378/WW 290W 220-240V DM
911401621505 BRP394 LED390/WW 300W 220-240V DM
911401621105 BRP391 LED53/NW 40W 220-240V DM
911401622105 BRP391 LED65/NW 50W 220-240V DM
911401621705 BRP391 LED78/NW 60W 220-240V DM
911401621305 BRP391 LED93/NW 70W 220-240V DM
911401622005 BRP391 LED104/NW 80W 220-240V DM
911401621905 BRP392 LED117/NW 90W 220-240V DM
911401623105 BRP392 LED130/NW 100W 220-240V DM
911401622605 BRP392 LED143/NW 110W 220-240V DM
911401622705 BRP392 LED157/NW 120W 220-240V DM
911401618905 BRP392 LED170/NW 130W 220-240V DM
911401619205 BRP392 LED182/NW 140W 220-240V DM
911401619105 BRP392 LED195/NW 150W 220-240V DM
911401618605 BRP393 LED208/NW 160W 220-240V DM
911401618405 BRP393 LED221/NW 170W 220-240V DM GM
911401622905 BRP393 LED234/NW 180W 220-240V DM GM
911401618705 BRP393 LED247/NW 190W 220-240V DM GM
911401618805 BRP393 LED260/NW 200W 220-240V DM GM
911401622505 BRP393 LED273/NW 210W 220-240V DM GM
911401618505 BRP393 LED286/NW 220W 220-240V DM GM
911401619405 BRP393 LED299/NW 230W 220-240V DM GM
911401620105 BRP394 LED312/NW 240W 220-240V DM
911401619005 BRP394 LED325/NW 250W 220-240V DM
911401619905 BRP394 LED338/NW 260W 220-240V DM
911401619305 BRP394 LED351/NW 270W 220-240V DM
911401620005 BRP394 LED364/NW 280W 220-240V DM
911401619605 BRP394 LED378/NW 290W 220-240V DM
911401619805 BRP394 LED390/NW 300W 220-240V DM