3M™ Scotchtint™ and 3M Scotchshield™. Ultra Safety & Security window films.


  • Excessive Heat or Cold
Light streams through a sliding glass door, potentially causing hot spots.
  • UV Damage and Fading
A special chair is placed in front of floor to ceiling windows that look out at the ocean.
  • High Energy Costs
A young woman adjusts the temperature on her thermostat.
  • Glare
A young woman happily works on a laptop near a sunny window, unconcerned about glare.
  • Safety and Security
man breaking into home
  • Privacy and Decorative
The windows in a brightly lit room have a decorative window film, adding beauty while enhancing privacy.

Author: Azeem Khan

My goal is to make my presence on the internet with Physical Industrial & Commercial Product which will enable people to find them easily via my websites.

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