Philips Smart Bright LED Downlighter DN035B List Price

911401528331DN035B D100 LED6/830 PSU WH5,290
911401528431DN035B D100 LED6/840 PSU WH5,290
911401528531DN035B D100 LED6/850 PSU WH5,290
911401528631DN035B D150 LED8/830 PSU WH6,360
911401528731DN035B D150 LED8/840 PSU WH6,360
911401528831DN035B D150 LED8/850 PSU WH6,360
911401528931DN035B D175 LED12/830 PSU WH7,430
911401529031DN035B D175 LED12/840 PSU WH7,430
911401529131DN035B D175 LED12/850 PSU WH7,430
911401529231DN035B D200 LED15/830 PSU WH8,500
911401529331DN035B D200 LED15/840 PSU WH8,500
911401529431DN035B D200 LED15/850 PSU WH8,500

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