Philips SmartBright Highbay G4 (BY239) Led Light List Price

911401822497BY218Z Pendant EN830
911401644207BY238Z Hook1020
911401642707BY238Z R-AL L-NB G27,110
911401642607BY238Z R-AL M-NB G27,280
911401642507BY238Z R-AL S-NB G25,180
911401640107BY239P LED120/CW PSU GM G224,780
911401640207BY239P LED120/NW PSU GM G224,780
911401640307BY239P LED180/CW PSU GM G228,360
911401640407BY239P LED180/NW PSU GM G228,360
911401640507BY239P LED240/CW PSU GM G234,880
911401640607BY239P LED240/NW PSU GM G234,880
911401639907BY239P LED70/CW PSU GM G220,350
911401640007BY239P LED70/NW PSU GM G220,350

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