Philips Decolenea Slimline & Shellline Led Light List Price

91140172734231171 Slimline 10W 3000K wall lamp LED1090
91140172733231171 Slimline 10W 6500K wall lamp LED1200
91500456540631173 Shellline 10W 6500K wall lamp LED1280
91500456540731173 Shellline 10W 3000K wall lamp LED1280
91140172731231170 Slimline 20W 6500K wall lamp LED2,280
91140172732231170 Slimline 20W 3000K wall lamp LED2,280
91500456540531172 Shellline 20W 6500K wall lamp LED2,680
91500456540831172 Shellline 20W 3000K wall lamp LED2,690

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