3M™ 98010LVC Low VOC Scrim Reinforced Transfer Tape

3M™ 98010LVC: The automotive industry is evolving rapidly, demanding innovative solutions that not only meet performance requirements but also adhere to stringent environmental standards. In this context, 3M™ introduces a game-changer – the Low VOC Scrim Reinforced Transfer Tape 98010LVC.


As automotive interiors become more sophisticated, the need for materials that contribute to low VOC emissions is paramount. 3M™ Low VOC Scrim Reinforced Transfer Tape 98010LVC stands out as a reliable solution designed to meet these evolving demands.

Product Details

The 3M Product Number 98010LVC boasts a 4 mil acrylic adhesive, meticulously tested to JAMA and VDA278 requirements. What sets it apart is its suitability for automotive interiors, making it a go-to choice for manufacturers aiming for excellence.

Highlights of 98010LVC

This thin bonding tape is not just another adhesive; it’s a precision tool for large area laminations. The scrim reinforcement ensures dimensional stability, addressing the challenges posed by complex automotive interiors.

Adhesive Performance

The acrylic adhesive used in 98010LVC is engineered for low fogging and low VOC emissions, aligning with global testing requirements. This ensures not only a robust bond but also a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Efficient Processing and Application

Beyond its adhesive prowess, 98010LVC offers seamless processing and application. The scrim reinforcement provides excellent dimensional stability, while the 58-lb. densified kraft paper liner ensures trouble-free laminating, even across expansive areas.

Recommended Applications

Manufacturers will find 98010LVC invaluable for various applications, including automotive interior bonding, large area lamination, and attaching Thinsulate™ acoustic insulation. Its versatility opens doors to creativity in design and application.

Tested for Low VOC Performance

Environmental concerns are at the forefront of 3M’s design philosophy. 98010LVC undergoes rigorous testing for low VOC emissions, assuring users of a tape that not only performs but also complies with global environmental standards.

Bringing Better Ideas to the Surface

In the realm of adhesives and tapes, 3M is a name synonymous with innovation. The Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division exemplifies this commitment, consistently delivering solutions that empower companies worldwide in their design and manufacturing processes.

Automotive OEM Specifications

98010LVC doesn’t just meet industry standards; it exceeds them. With certifications from FCA, Ford, and GMW, this tape aligns seamlessly with automotive OEM specifications, ensuring reliability and performance.

Versatility in Industries

While designed with automotive interiors in mind, 98010LVC finds applications across diverse industries such as aerospace, electronics, and specialty vehicles. Its role in enhancing design and manufacturing processes transcends boundaries.

Primary Liner Details

The 58# densified kraft paper liner is not just a supporting element; it plays a crucial role in the efficiency of 98010LVC. It releases easily, facilitating smooth laminating even across larger areas.

Tape Thickness and Dimensions

Understanding the physical attributes of 98010LVC is essential. With a total tape thickness of 4 mil and dimensions in both imperial and metric units, users can confidently integrate it into their processes.

Typical Properties

The acrylic adhesive, the backbone of 98010LVC, is classified as Acrylic. Further details on industries served and the primary liner’s composition enhance the reader’s understanding of the product.


Adhesive TypeAcrylic
Automotive OEM SpecificationFCA 9.55368, Ford WSS-M99P48-A3, GMW 14892
IndustriesAerospace, Electronics, General Industrial, Military, Specialty Vehicle, Transportation
Primary Liner58# Densified Kraft Paper
Total Tape Thickness without Liner (Imperial)4 mil
Total Tape Thickness without Liner (Metric)0.102 mm

Dimensions and Classifications

Overall Length (Imperial)54.68 yd
Overall Length (Metric)50 m
Overall Width (Imperial)59.055 in
Overall Width (Metric)1500 mm

Global Applications

Beyond local requirements, 98010LVC is a tape with global applications. Its adherence to international standards makes it a reliable choice for companies operating on an international scale.