Reflectiv INT 115 Frosted degressive film in Pakistan from France

In the realm of interior design, the INT 115 Frosted degressive film emerges as a game-changer, hailing from the artistic landscapes of France and making its mark in Pakistan. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this unique film and explore its applications, specifications, and advantages.

2. Roll Size: 5 X 100 FT

The dimensions matter, and in this case, the INT 115 comes in a generous roll size of 5 X 100 FT. This substantial length offers flexibility in application, allowing for creative and customized solutions in various spaces.

3. Description of INT 115

This film, graduating in frosted elegance from the bottom up, provides a distinct touch to windows, partitions, or furniture surfaces, all while preserving the essence of glass. It not only personalizes but also maintains a certain level of discretion with its unique design.

4. Specifications

  • Material: PET
  • Color: Frosted
  • Adhesive: Acrylic Polymer 13 G/M2
  • Liner: Siliconed PET 23 microns
  • Thickness: 23 microns
  • Application Face: Internal
  • Fire rating: B-S1,D0
  • Application T°: Min. + 5°C
  • Guarantee: 10 years*
  • Kind of degressives: Small dots

5. Durability and Usage

With a lifespan of 12 to 15 years for vertical applications in Central Europe, the INT 115 film proves its durability. Suited for all types of glass, it stands as a testament to its adaptability and robust nature.

6. Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintaining the film is a breeze. After 30 days, a usual cleaning solution, non-abrasive and ammonia-free, is recommended. It’s crucial to avoid cleaning products that could potentially scratch the surface.

7. Storage Guidelines

Storing the film is as crucial as its application. It comes with a storage recommendation of two years from delivery, needing protection from excessive humidity and sunlight, at a temperature below 38°C.

8. Method of Application

To ensure a flawless application, the surface must be free of dust, grease, or any contaminants. Compatibility tests are advisable, especially with materials like polycarbonate, which may cause bubbling issues. The film can be applied on plexiglass and polycarbonate, expanding its range of applications.

9. Production Monitoring and Standards

Constant improvement is a priority, leading to potential modifications in colors and manufacturing processes without notice. Users are urged to check the suitability of the film for their intended use and adhere to prevailing standards before application.

10. Contact Information in Pakistan

For more information and to explore possibilities, interested individuals can reach out to My Interior Store in Pakistan through their website ( or via email ([email protected]). Direct contact is also possible through phone numbers +92-333-289-01-01 and +92-300-269-77-13.

11. Benefits of INT 115 Frosted Film

Beyond aesthetics, this frosted film offers additional benefits:

  • Privacy Enhancement: Graduated frosting provides privacy without compromising on natural light.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Softened light without reduction in brightness adds a touch of elegance to any space.
  • Customization: Versatile application on windows, partitions, or furniture allows for personalized designs.

12. Versatility Across Glass Types

INT 115 stands out for its compatibility with various glass types, making it a versatile choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

13. Comparative Analysis with INT 110

A sibling to INT 110, INT 115 shares similarities but shines with its unique frosted touch, offering diversity in design options.

14. Warranty and Guarantee Details

Backed by a ten-year warranty for glaze not exposed to the sun, INT 115 assures longevity and performance, ensuring customer satisfaction.

15. Customization Possibilities

The film’s design allows for creativity, making it an ideal choice for those seeking unique and personalized interior solutions.

Contact in Pakistan

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Reflective INT 256 Frosted Film Windows in Pakistan

Reflective INT 256 Frosted Film: Imagine a world where your windows not only provide a glimpse of the outside but also offer privacy from prying eyes. This dream becomes a reality with Reflective INT 256 Frosted film, imported from France and now available in Pakistan. This adhesive film possesses a unique ability to turn ordinary windows into elegant frosted glass, offering a slight see-through vision while allowing ample light to pass through. Let’s delve into the details of this transformative product.

Unveiling the Features

1. Slight See-Through Vision

The Reflective INT 256 Frosted film provides a subtle see-through vision, striking the perfect balance between openness and privacy. Experience the beauty of filtered natural light without compromising on your personal space.

2. Roll Size: 4 x 165 ft

Covering a substantial area, this frosted film is available in a convenient roll size of 4 x 165 ft, making it suitable for various window sizes and shapes.

3. Durability: 12 to 15 Years

Designed for longevity, this frosted film boasts an impressive lifespan of 12 to 15 years for vertical applications in Central Europe. Now, Pakistani homes and businesses can enjoy the benefits of this durable solution.

4. Versatile Use for All Glass Types

Whether it’s your home, office, or storefront, Reflective INT 256 is compatible with all types of glass. Experience its transformative effects on windows of various shapes and sizes.

5. Low Maintenance

Maintaining the frosted finish is a breeze. After 30 days of application, regular cleaning with a non-abrasive solution ensures the film retains its elegance. Caution is advised against using cleaning products that may cause scratches.

6. Proper Storage Guidelines

To preserve the quality of the film, store it away from excessive humidity and sunlight, maintaining a temperature below 38°C. Following these guidelines ensures the film’s optimal performance even after two years from delivery.

Technical Specifications

1. Material: PVC

Crafted from high-quality PVC, the film guarantees durability and effectiveness in transforming your windows.

2. Color: Colorless

The colorless nature of the film allows it to seamlessly blend with any existing window design, ensuring a cohesive and stylish look.

3. Adhesive: Acrylic Polymer 20 G/M2

The acrylic polymer adhesive, with a weight of 20 G/M2, ensures a strong and lasting bond, both internally and externally.

4. Fire Rating: B-S1, D0

Safety is paramount. This frosted film boasts a commendable fire rating of B-S1, D0, adhering to stringent safety standards.

5. Application Temperature: Min + 5°C

Whether you’re in a chilly winter or a balmy summer, this film can be applied at temperatures as low as +5°C.

6. Guarantee: 8 Years / 3 Years**

Reflective INT 256 Frosted film comes with a guarantee, providing peace of mind regarding its quality and performance.

Application Guidelines

1. Surface Preparation

Before application, ensure the surface is free from dust, grease, or contaminants. Compatibility tests are recommended, especially for materials like polycarbonate.

2. Compatibility with Materials

While suitable for most surfaces, certain materials like polycarbonate may cause bubbling issues. Conduct a compatibility test to avoid any complications.

3. Production Monitoring and Standards

To ensure continual improvement, the manufacturer may modify colors and manufacturing processes without notice. Users are advised to verify the film’s suitability for their intended use and compliance with current standards before application.

Contact in Pakistan

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