FT Lights

Future Technologies (FT) has been a pioneering force since its establishment.

Dedicated to revolutionizing indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, FT Lights introduces a plethora of cutting-edge LED technologies, setting new standards of efficiency, durability, and brilliance. From the sleek FT Spot Light Nova to the versatile FT Led Smart Downlight Antiglare, each product embodies innovation and excellence, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

Exploring the FT Lights Catalog:

1. Introduction to Future Technologies (FT):

  • Genesis of Innovation: Delve into the inception and ethos of FT, emphasizing its commitment to advancing lighting technology.

2. Spotlight on FT Spot Lights:

  • Nova Series: Discover the elegance and performance of the FT Spot Light Nova and Nova Plus.
  • Focus on Brilliance: Unveil the precision and radiance of the FT Spot Light Focus and ZAS.
  • Energy-Efficient Solutions: Explore the FT NSave Spot Light and FT NSave Downlight, redefining sustainability in lighting.

3. Illuminating Spaces with FT Led Smart Solutions:

  • Smart Downlight Antiglare: Experience glare-free illumination with the FT Led Smart Downlight Antiglare.
  • Versatile Options: Navigate through the FT Led Smart GU10 and the innovative FT Spot Light Revios series.
  • Mini Track Light Marvels: Introduce elegance and flexibility with the FT Led Smart Mini Track Light.

4. Empowering Environments with FT Track Lights:

  • Envios Series: Illuminate with precision using the FT Track Light Envios and Envios II.
  • Enhanced Performance: Elevate ambiance with the FT Led Grille Light Mosaico and FT Led E40A Track Light.

5. Innovative Surface Mount Solutions:

  • Sleek Designs: Embrace modernity with the FT Led Smart Surface Down Light and FT Surface Mounted Lindro.
  • Functional Brilliance: Illuminate with efficiency using the FT Glass Tube Light and FT Surface Mounted Lindro 35w.

6. Revolutionizing Panels and Batten Lights:

  • Backlit Panel Brilliance: Transform spaces with the FT Smart Led Backlit Panel and T5 batten.
  • Linear Lighting Solutions: Explore the FT Linear Batten 40w 4 feet and the FT Led Smart Bulb for versatile applications.

7. Flexible Strip Lights for Various Applications:

  • Mini Strip Light Marvel: Enhance ambiance with the FTMINI Strip Light 5Meter and FT IP65 Strip Light 50meter.

8. Architectural Marvels and Industrial Solutions:

  • Suspended Sphere Excellence: Elevate aesthetics with the FT Led Suspended Sphere 724 and FT Led Recessed 716A Infinite.
  • Industrial Ingenuity: Illuminate industrial spaces with the FT High Bay LTE and Led High Bay UFO series.

9. Illuminating Roads and Exits:

  • Roadway Brilliance: Ensure safety and visibility with the FT Led Street light Mini Road Star and Road Star.
  • Emergency Illumination: Navigate through emergencies with the FT Exit light series and Emergency Bulkhead solutions.