3M™ Safety-Walk™ White Printable Slip-Resistant Tapes and Treads in Pakistan

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3M Printable Safety Walk

Printable tapes and treads are a cost-effective way to enhance the safety of traffic areas and display customized promotional or brand messages.

Marked safe from slips, trips and falls.

Nothing’s more important than the safety of your guests. And now you have a safety product that does double duty. 3M™ Safety-Walk™ Slip-Resistant General Purpose and Conformable White Tapes and Treads are certified as high traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). And the white, printable surface can be 100% inked with your high- resolution, high-impact graphics, providing endless possibilities for your branding and safety messages.

Safe: Mineral-coated, slip-resistant material keeps even heavy-traffic areas safer.

Durable: Long-lasting adhesive.

Cost-effective: Lower material cost and less required labor.

Easy: No specialized training required for installation.

Printable: Heighten safety while displaying brand or promotional messages.

Product nameSizeUPC numberStock number
3M™ Safety-Walk™ Slip-Resistant General Purpose Tapes and Treads 688 White48 in x 150 ft006-38060-37232-675-0400-5766-5
3M™ Safety-Walk™ Slip-Resistant Conformable Tapes and Treads 588 White48 in x 150 ft006-38060-37231-975-0400-5765-7

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