Philips SmartBright Road BRP130 & BRP132 Street Light 100 lumens/watt prices

BVP130 Street Light

WW is Warm White, NW is Neutral White & CW is Cool White

CodeDescription Price
911401635404BRP130 LED70/NW 70W 220-240V DM GM25,600
911401635504BRP130 LED70/WW 70W 220-240V DM GM25,600
911401635604BRP130 LED70/CW 70W 220-240V DM GM25,600
911401635704BRP132 LED140/WW 140W 220-240V DM GM38,210
911401635904BRP132 LED140/CW 140W 220-240V DM GM38,210
911401636104BRP132 LED140/NW 140W 220-240V DM GM38,210

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